The ranks of antigay activism may be divided into three castes:

1. Intellectually honest anti-liberty scholars, such as David Blankenhorn

2. Illogical and frequently dishonest political spin artists such as Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council, both of which set lower limits on unethical tactics that might backfire upon them

3. Defamatory, profane, and indecent activists including Fred Phelps, Scott Lively, and Oklahoma state legislator Sally Kern

As Box Turtle Bulletin discusses in depth, Exodus International has abandoned the second caste for the third.

Of the third caste, Burroway writes:

Those who anchor themselves firmly at the bottom include those who have called for our execution (Paul Cameron), who rejoiced in our deaths (Fred Phelps), who excuse those who have killed some among us (Scott Lively), who tell everyone who will listen that the Nazi movement was a fully homosexual one (Lively, again), that it was the gay Nazis and not straight Nazis who harbored a special animosity towards Germany’ Jews (ditto), or that gay activists are all secret fascists determined to remake the world in the image of Nazi Germany (ditto again).

In other words, there are those whose purpose it is to stoke the fears and visceral hatred of ordinary people to prod them into doing the most extraordinary, horrific things — whether its killing a gay immigrant in Sacramento, flinging feces at gay worshipers at a church in Latvia, or hunting down LGBT people on the streets in Uganda.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group must “go beyond mere disagreement with homosexuality by subjecting gays and lesbians to campaigns of personal vilification” in order to be classified as a hate group.

With its deliberate, defamatory efforts to incite violence in Uganda, Exodus is now proudly flirting with hate-group status. Burroway explains:

Exodus Board Member Don Schmierer worked alongside Lively in Kampala last week at a conference which lauded Uganda’ draconian criminal penalties against LGBT people and recommended a reinforcement of that law by forcing LGBT people into therapy. Exodus International president Alan Chambers applauded Schmierer’ participation, saying:

Unfortunately, Uganda as a country has demonstrated severe hostility towards homosexuals supporting criminalization of homosexual behavior and proposing compulsory therapy – positions that Exodus International unequivocally denounces. It is our sincere desire to offer an alternative message that encompasses a compassionate, biblical view of homosexuality not just here in America, but around the world. We applaud our board member’ attempt to convey these truths to a country in need.”

The problem, of course, is that there is no evidence whatsoever that Schmierer attempted to “convey these truths.” There’ no record that Schmierer spoke up against criminalization of homosexual behavior or compulsory therapy. But he didn’t do nothing. In fact, we have it on record that Schmierer did more than nothing. He pointedly deferred to Lively when asked about whether homosexuality was natural.

The silence of Schmierer and Chambers in the presence of a Holocaust revisionist — followed by Chambers’ enthusiastic endorsement of Schmierer a week later — is morally, politically, and spiritually appalling, given that it was the silence of Christian Germans in the 1930s that enabled the Holocaust in the first place.