It is clear that Exodus’ Alan Chambers is unlikely to resign without pressure, following the group’s participation in a hate conference in Uganda last week. Today, Truth Wins Out contacted every Exodus-affiliated ministry in the world with the following letter. We hope they will do what is moral and just and relieve Mr. Chambers of his duties as the group’s president. Here is a copy of TWO’s letter:

March 12, 2009

Dear Exodus Ministry Leader:

While there is much we do not agree on, I think we can concur that human rights abuses are wrong and always unacceptable. Yesterday, I joined Ex-Gay Watch and Box Turtle Bulletin in a letter calling on the Exodus Board of Directors to dismiss its President, Alan Chambers. We also called on Exodus to prematurely end the board term of Don Schmierer.

We did so after Chambers allowed Exodus’ brand to be used at a conference last week in Uganda that promoted forced ex-gay therapy and life imprisonment for homosexuals. A new Ugandan organization was even created to “wipe out” homosexual practices. Scott Lively, a Holocaust revisionist, headlined the symposium.

Exodus Board member Don Schmierer spoke at this heinous event and Exodus’ President Alan Chambers approved his appearance. The meeting has received worldwide condemnation, even by some ex-gay leaders and therapists.

I am respectfully asking you to join me in calling for the resignation of Mr. Chambers. He has clearly taken your organization in a shameful and unsavory direction that threatens the reputation and credibility of all such programs.

Please review the facts — then follow your heart and conscience. If you believe Exodus needs to take a fresh path, please express yourself by contacting Bob Ragan, chair of the Exodus Board of Directors, at (410) 661-0284.

Incarcerating gay people for life, forced ex-gay therapy, Holocaust revisionism, and human rights abuses.

Surely, this is not what you signed up for when you got involved in Exodus International. Certainly, this is not the type of activity that you would want your good name and religion associated with. Please take action to restore a sense of dignity and morality to Exodus before it is too late.

The world is watching.


Wayne Besen
Executive Director
Truth Wins Out

I think that this is a good test whether these leaders answer to God or Exodus’ Alan Chambers and Randy Thomas.