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For much of Jacques Whitfield’s 11-year marriage (pictured) he maintained a parallel life. He cheated on his wife and, he said, cheated himself. Now he has come out and is happy. This is a tale of why the closet and so-called “ex-gay” organizations are harmful to gay people and their families.

Even with countless stories, such as this, “ex-gay” programs continue to promote doomed marriages. This is because they care more about politics than people. They hold inflexible lies above real lives. The damage is all around, yet groups like Exodus, Focus on the Family and NARTH are too blinded by their flawed Biblical interpretations to see. They do so much wrong in the name of right, incredible harm in the guise of hope, with a staggering price on individuals and society.

Will they ever learn? Or, will their fanaticism make them immune from the facts?