In Focus on the Family’s youth magazine Boundless, Exodus International executive vice president Randy Thomas has just published an entire article which pretends, from start to finish, that there is opposition — anywhere — to Christian individuals’ involvement in “public policy.”

Thomas’ verbose strawman argument in defense of political involvement sidesteps all the specifics for which he and his employers have been criticized:

Specifically, his two organizations’ opposition to human rights, their blame-games against parents, their acts of fraud against scientific researchers, and their advocacy on behalf of corrupt partisan politicians.

Instead of addressing any pertinent facts regarding his organizations’ actual public policies, Thomas weaves a bizarre and egocentric — perhaps megalomaniacal — correlation between the Jewish tradition of a battle at Jericho, and a defense of “public policy” — no matter how immoral, anti-family, anti-freedom, and anti-faith his policies happen to be.

In other words, Thomas seems to believe that by referencing Bible keywords often enough in a speech or article, he can conceal — even from himself — the immorality of his actions. Does Thomas really believe that the Christian God is so easily fooled?