Ted Haggard shamed in gay sex/meth scandal. James Dobson gives up his throne.

These are just a few of the headlines that have come from the little town of Colorado Springs in the past couple of years.

How did this sleepy, conservative town become an evangelical Mecca?

“This Beautiful City”, a brilliantly executed and engaging play, answers this question. It takes you back to the 1980’s when Colorado Springs tried to attract new businesses through tax breaks. Focus on the Family moved from Southern California and dozens of evangelical organizations followed, transforming the town. Ted Haggard’s New Life Church was formed with the goal of religious revival in Colorado Springs.

I went to see the production in New York City’s Vinyard Theatre (108 East 15th Street) this week. I give it two thumps up (too bad I don’t have a third hand) and highly recommend it. This Beautiful City was timely, terrific and thought provoking.

To write the script, The Civilians, a New York theater group, actually ventured to Colorado Springs to interview locals. This resulted in writers Steven Cosson and Jim Lewis (music) presenting realistic, eye-opening dialogue and songs. The acting was superb and led to a boisterous standing ovation.

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