Emproph, of the Genocide for Jesus blog, has transcribed and critiqued the hate ad that was released by the anti-family “Family Policy Council of West Virginia.”

Emproph points out that the state network of religious-rightist family-policy groups offers resources for pastors — assembled by a senior executive for the Family Research Council — which promote a “Biblical” definition of marriage that tolerates and excuses the Bible’s support for marital incest, polygamy, and murder.

Even before the latest ad emerged, it seemed that the Family Policy Council, FRC, and SBC were vying to be included in the SPLC’s growing list of hate groups — organizations whose beliefs or practices attack or malign an entire class of people.

But in the context of this ad and its related resources for pastors, it seems that gays are not the only enemy of ‘Biblical’ marriage; so are married couples that oppose incest, polygamy, and murder.