I was at the gym tonight thinking of a documentary I recently saw – “Chasing the Devil.” In the film, a Jewish “ex-gay” organization, Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality (JONAH) is featured.

I am profoundly disturbed by this slippery organization that pretends to be Jewish, while it is really promoting right wing Christianity. Jewish parents should beware that JONAH recommends and promotes fundamentalist Christian books in the guise of helping people “change.”

Worse, they underhandedly use a discredited therapist with a Jewish sounding last name, Richard Cohen, to recruit new clients. The truth is, Cohen abandoned his Judaism long-ago for the Moonies and then switched to fundamentalist Christianity.

So, why is Cohen still JONAH’s leading therapist? Are there no Jewish therapists in New Jersey, where the group is based? If not, are there none in New York City, directly across the river? I suppose JONAH thinks all those guys with beards I see in Brooklyn, where I live, are actually Amish.

Basically, Jewish parents who send their gay children to get “help” from JONAH – will introduce them to Christian missionary work. Come to think of it, JONAH should change its deceptive name to “‘Jews’ Offering New Alternatives To Judaism.” (JONAJ)

JONAH should start acting like a Jewish group or drop its misleading name.