Until the 19th century, marriages in the West were, for the most part, unromantic contracts arranged by relatives.

Liberals and the industrial revolution changed all that; the Jewish-themed musical Fiddler on the Roof offers a nostalgic look back at that radical shift in the nature of marriage and the struggle of a devout religious family to catch up with the trend toward romantic unions.

A century later, Focus on the Family became one of the world’s largest Christian organizations by championing the liberal industrial redefinition of marriage as if it were conservative.

Changing times are again calling for a change in marriage. But this time around, Focus on the Family — having earned hundreds of millions of dollars per year from the last redefinition of marriage — now hopes to make hundreds of millions more by stopping marriage in its tracks and crippling the ability of marriage to evolve with humanity’s changing needs.

FOTF’s latest action against marriage: A false declaration that God redefined marriage the last time around, and an assertion that God wants Illinoisans to be imprisoned in FOTF’s romance-novel version of marriage as a union of one football-playing Protestant man and one obedient, makeup-wearing Protestant woman.