Exodus International executive vice president Randy Thomas wants you to know that he is a victim.

He is a victim of watchdogs who criticize either his public partisan politics or his public mischaracterization of ex-gay life journeys.

He is a victim of former ex-gays who cannot conscientiously heed or affirm his efforts to impose an illogical and cookie-cutter belief system upon others.

He is a victim of those who believe his employer should answer to facts rather than strawman myths and stereotypes.

He is a victim of those who believe Exodus should support families, not divide them.

He is a victim of those who criticize the intemperate and divisive defamations of culture warrior Ann Coulter.

If someone publicly disagrees with Thomas’ very public politics, then that person is, we have learned, a “viper.”

What can be said about a well-paid Exodus official who since 2001 has — borrowing his own words — acted to “malign, confuse and undermine the work of Exodus”?

What can be said of an Exodus senior staffer who comments that he will link to extremists like Fred “God Hates Fags” Phelps, but not to certain reputable watchdogs or former ex-gays?