CitizenLink, Focus on the Family’s political-action newsletter, ominously declared yesterday that “‘No Name-Calling Week’ Has a Hidden Agenda.”

Starting today, students throughout the nation are being encouraged to participate in “No-Name Calling Week.” But what may seem like a good idea is nothing more than a plug for the goals of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

According to Focus, groups that prevent verbal harassment and defamation have an “adult agenda” that has no legitimate place in grades 5 through 9. In particular, Focus is angry that students are challenged to confront the inhumanity and dishonesty of being forced into a “closet” about one’s sexual orientation.

Focus claims, “All students should enjoy a safe environment,” but Focus opposes any lessons that would actually help youths understand why their name-calling is rooted in falsehoods and why sexual dishonesty and denial are unhealthy.

Focus opposes sexual honesty and the refutation of stereotypes, because sexual dishonesty is the central premise of ex-gay activism — and because stereotypes form the unfortunate foundation of the organization’s outreach to antigay parents, teachers, and pastors.