pope-benedict-saturno-hatIt was no secret that Pope Benedict XVI was far to the right of most Catholics. But, he keeps sprinting to the far fringes of decency and common sense. His latest misstep came this weekend when he revoked the excommunications of four schismatic bishops from the far right order, St. Pius X Society.

One of the bishops the Pope is embracing, Richard Williamson, is a conspiratorial holocaust revisionist who claims the extermination of six million Jews was a hoax. This is a shame, because in recent years, the Roman Catholic Church had taken steps to heal wounds caused by centuries of anti-Semitism.

I think it is important to note that when a church group is rabidly anti-gay, they are usually intolerant of other groups, as well. These actions by the Pope confirm this point.

If there is a silver lining, it is that it is getting harder to take this church seriously, as the Pope is working overtime to sever its ties from reality and the modern world.