Last month, Truth Wins Out reported:

…We learn from Ken Avidor (via Pam Spaulding) that U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar is requesting $500,000 in U.S. taxpayer money for Minnesota Teen Challenge, a pray-away-the-drugs program whose parent organization ‚Äî strangely enough ‚Äî hires ex-gay speakers, utilizes ex-gay media, and is operated by the Assemblies of God, the world’ largest Pentecostal denomination.

The “Teen Challenge” network apparently offers no reputable professional counseling; instead, its amateur employees program youths with church ideology while blaming teens’ problems on “Satanic” influences such as Halloween and Harry Potter. It offers no well-designed tracking of success and failure rates; its reports and supposed success stories appear to consist of isolated anecdotes and head counts which exclude youths who failed to complete a treatment program.

Strapped for cash and suffering from a former board member’s alleged role in a Ponzi scheme, the Minnesota Teen Challenge now sees profit potential in launching a taxpayer-subsidized religious and cultural war against Haiti — a Caribbean neighbor that the organization falsely accuses of being demon-possessed.

Ken Avidor explains.

Your Republican tax dollars at work, ladies and gentlemen.