A Focus on the Family operative, Glenn Stanton, will appear on the Dr. Phil show on Jan. 13.

According to Focus, Stanton, the “director of family formation studies” at Focus, “will again tackle the difficult topic of children who identify more with the opposite sex.”

“To be human is to be gendered,” Stanton writes. “And one of the most important jobs of a parent is to help their children develop as healthy boys or girls and into strong, confident men and women.”

Joining Stanton will be Joseph Nicolosi, former head of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, an organization of antigay therapists which blames patients’ homosexuality and gender variance on bad parenting and abuse.

According to the Dr. Phil web site:

Dr. Phil speaks with Toni, a mother who says she can’t stop grieving the loss of her son who, at 11, began to transition into a female. Toni feels like her son has died, and she’ having a hard time adjusting to having a daughter. Joining the discussion is family researcher Glenn Stanton and psychologist Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, who say it’ the parents’ responsibility to guide their children into their gender-born identities. On the opposite side are psychiatrist Dr. Dan Siegel and psychotherapist Dr. Michele Angello, who say children are born this way, and parents should support their children in their decision to transition to the opposite sex.

Here’s a clip of Dr. Phil’s previous show (from autumn 2008) in which Focus’ Glenn Stanton blames parents for gender variance and gender-role non-conformity.

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