Antigay lesbian publisher Charlene Cothran seeks Americans’ cash in these hard times to “prevent homosexuality in youth.”

Cothran claims to be ex-gay, but she is still predominantly attracted to women and declines to say whether she has any significant attraction to men. In other words, she is a celibate lesbian who understands that telling the public the honest truth about her choice of lesbian celibacy is not profitable.

According to Rod 2.0:

Cothran wants substantial donations to fund a multi-platform broadcast ministry‚Äîwith her as the host of course‚Äîon radio, DVD and internet. “Charlene Cothran has elevated her rabid capitalist ‘ex-gay’ charades from a magazine to a ‘ministry’.”

Cothran won’t identify the board of directors whom the donations would support; in the past, antigay activist D.L. Foster has served as her advisor and editor.

Nor does Cothran say what miracle she has discovered that “prevents” homosexuality.

And finally, the “ministry” is reportedly a business, not a non-profit charity, meaning the public’s “donations” might be better-spent at Wal-Mart.

Blogger Clay Cane compares Cothran’s ex-gay-for-pay ministry to “those modeling agencies that are advertised in the back of the Village Voice‚Äîif they have to ask you for money, it isn’t legit.”

Rod 2.0 says, “After the disastrous results of Prop 8 and the escalating tensions between blacks and gays, Cothran’s phony ‘pray away the gay’ story might be become welcome currency in many anti-gay black churches. Just ask Donnie McClurkin.”