Box Turtle Bulletin says:

It is indeed possible to support Prop 8 civilly. But [Rick] Warren did not do that. Instead, he not only lied about what it would do, but he further insulted his “many gay friends” — and the rest of us — when he described their relationships as being on par with the lowest form of criminals. Even the most vile criminals — convicted rapists of old ladies, serial killers of defenseless orphans, and baby torturers — they all look down on child molesters, and they don’t think twice about killing them in the most sadistic way. But Warren thinks that the deeply held relationships among his “many gay friends” are no better than child rape. Or incest. Or polygamy.

That is the outrage. Maybe some day Rick Warren will see the need to apologize deeply for that offense. But it won’t happen until everyone ‚Äî including the mainstream media ‚Äî calls him on it. It’ not just about Prop 8. It goes much, much deeper, to that “model of civility” that Warren lacks.