Gay people in Los Angeles have long supported a local restaurant, El Coyote, thanks to the welcoming hospitality of its owner and a manager, Marjorie Christofferson.

But behind the friendly veneer, Christofferson was giving money earned at El Coyote — a small amount, $100 — to efforts to undermine gay couples’ well-being and take away their freedoms.

As a result of Proposition 8, thousands of California gay couples lost the guaranteed freedom to visit partners in the hospital and to inherit a shared home and property when one partner dies. And because of Proposition 8, marriages are nullified by a state government that grants favoritism to some religious beliefs over others.

When local gay customers found out that their hangout’s manager was voting away their marital and religious freedoms with a bit of money as well as her vote, the customers naturally lost their appetite and stopped eating at El Coyote. Christofferson belatedly resigned — and in a free country like the United States, she can find a rewarding job with an antigay employer that is willing to subsidize her future efforts to cripple her gay customers’ relationships. There are now plenty of antigay political organizations in California that appear eager to hire Christofferson as an outspoken victim of people who were relegated to second-class citizenship by Proposition 8.

Now Exodus executive vice president Randy Thomas chimes in — calling the betrayed gay customers a “mob” for defending their freedom. He also falsely and baselessly accuses the restaurant customers of accepting money from antigay Islamic countries:

Do you find it … odd … that the California anti Prop 8 mob will ruin a Mormon woman’ life over a $100 contribution to Prop 8 but will apparently take money from rich Islamic theocratically inclined countries who actually practice work-place discrimination against homosexuals? The Mormon lady simply wanted a legal definition of marriage … not to stone or throw homosexuals in jail.

Emirates airlines does impose work place discrimination against homosexuals … and it is illegal to do so in their new hub of San Francisco …

So … where’ the Prop 8 mob on this one? … I am wondering how many Christian ministries/businesses have been denied or run out of San Francisco?

In his gratuitious and ignorant slap at “San Francisco values,” Thomas apparently can’t distinguish between Los Angeles and San Francisco — 400 miles apart — nor between a restaurant’s gay customers and a politically-moderate major-city government that frequently puts a higher value on corporate welfare than on the environment and human rights.