In the wake of Newsweek’s forthright article acknowledging the Bible’s conflicting and evolving definitions of marriage, here are more examples of prooftexting and cherry-picking of Bible verses by three ex-gay activists:

Randy Thomas, vice president of Exodus International, responded saying the musical showed a “sincere misunderstanding of Scripture.”

Tim Wilkins, a former homosexual who heads Cross Ministry, argued that gay marriage supporters “are doing the very thing they accuse Christians of.”

“They focus on Leviticus and ignore New Testament passages that forbid homosexuality. WHY? Because Leviticus provides easier arguments with its prohibitions against certain foods.”

SBC’s [Bob] Stith also denounced Hollywood’s attempt to make biblical arguments. “Anyone who cares to spend thirty minutes of serious study would see the many flaws in Black’ argument,” he said.

Clearing up some of the confusion, Stith called it a “factual error” to claim that Scripture nowhere says homosexuals are an abomination.

Thomas presumes to possess the sole correct understanding of the Bible. Both he and Wilkins fail to cite any actual Bible verses. Meanwhile, Stith cherry-picks verses that seem to smear same-sex-attracted persons while he ignores neighboring verses that condemn Stith’s chosen lifestyle.

Source: Christian Post, Dec. 9