Christian evangelicals, posing as defenders of the Mormon Church, jointly published a Dec. 5 ad titled No Mob Veto in the New York Times. The ad falsely accused gay pro-marriage protests of violence and intimidation.

Five days later, Truth Wins Out responded with a full-page ad in the Salt Lake Tribune which exposed the evangelicals’ anti-Mormon bigotry and pointed out that the gay protests in 300 cities were peaceful.

Public reaction to the ad is growing.

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Especially noteworthy:

  • On Top Magazine: The gay marriage post-Prop 8 debate, with or without the protesting, was most likely inevitable. Social conservatives embolden by their anti-gay victories on Election Day are quickly fastening themselves to an anti-gay platform in the hopes they might remain relevant to a tattered Republican Party that partly blames recent election losses — including the office of the president — on divisive social issues. Besen called claims made in the No Mob Veto ad a ‘manipulative and cynical political ploy.’
  • The Christian Post responds that two isolated incidents of name-calling and one incident of vandalism — out of 300 protests — constitute a mass movement of “hate and intimidation.” The Post further uses words such as “radical,” “fear and intimidation,” and “completely unacceptable” to describe peaceful boycotts by gay customers against businesses whose owners or managers donated those customers’ money to a campaign that voted away gay Americans’ constitutional freedoms.
  • Stop the Mormons briefly discusses a campaign of Mormon harassment against pro-gay defenders of the right to marry.

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