Newsweek’s Dec. 15 cover story about the Bible and marriage offered readers:

  • a comprehensive overview of the Bible’s various conflicting definitions of marriage,
  • an observation that Ozzie-and-Harriet couples are absent from the Bible,
  • a recognition of evolving Jewish and Christian history and traditions regarding marriage

Religious-rightists have invested decades of effort into cherry-picking a handful of Bible verses, in order to redefine church-goers’ perception of “Biblical” marriage. In the new fundamentalist world order, divorce and serial remarriage are taken for granted. Meanwhile, fundamentalists have effectively suppressed public discussion of Bible verses that forbid divorce, mandate celibacy and non-marriage among Christian men, accept polygamy, and allow husbands — under certain circumstances — to commit honor killings or sell wives and children into slavery.

On Dec. 10 — showing no sign that it had read the Newsweek article — Exodus released a statement that falsely accused Newsweek of “abandoning the truth of the Bible” and “maligning and manipulating Scripture.” Exodus president Alan Chambers falsely described himself as a “former homosexual” and falsely described the Bible’s “teaching” (singular, sic) on sexuality and relationships as one of “freedom.”

Exodus says Newsweek does a disservice “to those looking for spiritual and intellectual honesty.” Despite its claim to defend the Bible, Exodus fails to cite a single Bible verse.

Exodus leaves the impression that it believes readers would be better-served with cherry-picked Bible verses which excuse a social-conservative lifestyle of sex-orientation dishonesty, feigned abstinence, unsafe premarital sex, unwed pregnancy, shotgun marriage, divorce, remarriage, and rigid Protestant rules for husband and wife which disrespect both tradition and individuals’ skills and personalities.

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