In a puff piece published today, Focus on the Family praises outgoing Georgia Supreme Court Justice Leah Ward Sears for her commitment to two-parent families.

When asked by Focus to identify the single biggest threat to “the family” today (as if there were only one family), Sears replies, “Fatherlessness,” and then discusses the allegation at length.

For all the concern over fathers, Focus’ interview strangely omits mention of gay fathers — and antigay mothers who seek to alienate children from their dads.

Focus’ straightwashing of Sears’ position is ironic, because Sears was portrayed by opponents as a gay-marriage proponent during 1998 and 2004 re-election bids.

On the very same day that Focus and its sibling the Family Research Council both battle to tear apart gay couples in Iowa, Focus sidesteps Sears’ emphatic neutrality on gay marriage — leading readers to assume Sears supports Focus’ antifamily agenda.

Instead of honestly portraying Sears’ neutrality on gay marriage, Focus spotlights Sears’ recent “pro-marriage” billboard campaign and symposium — the latter of which was co-sponsored by the conservative antifamily Institute for American Values. During the symposium, IAV president David Blankenhorn argued vehemently against gay marriage and — implicitly — gay parents. According to the Fulton County Daily Report, Blankenhorn said gay marriage would be catastrophic for children “who need a mother and a father at the same time.”

Apparently no one at the symposium asked Blankenhorn what should happen when a father realizes he is gay and cannot, in a spirit of sexual honesty, perform sexually with his wife or lie to his children.

Both Focus and Blankenhorn seem determined to quietly destroy families in which at least one parent is gay — and then, far from supporting the survivors, to publicly imply that the parents and their children simply don’t exist.