Call it karma, but Focus on the Family is now in big trouble. At the group’s peak, it had nearly 1,500 employees. This week, they announced another round of layoffs – shedding 202 jobs, an estimated 20 percent of its workforce. This brings the new total to around 950 workers, according to the Colorado Independent.

The move to can workers comes after the group threw away $800,000 on Proposition 8 to ban same-sex marriage in California. One wonders if Focus on the Family will cut staff from its failed “ex-gay” Love Won Out road show? This extravagant traveling circus must cost a lot of money and it doesn’t work.

The fact is, if this organization would butt out of gay relationships, it might be able to actually help heterosexual families. If it would stop its “ex-gay” propaganda – which helps no one and destroys lives – it would not have to downsize.

I think donors to this organization should focus on the money flushed down the toilet to uphold bigotry and discrimination at the expense of families.