As Truth Wins Out has previously noted, in recent months Exodus International leaders Alan Chambers and Yvette Cantu Schneider headlined several religious-right mass gatherings to eliminate the right of gay couples to marry and to deny religious freedom to gay-tolerant congregations that choose to marry same-gender couples.

Instead of apologizing for their role in extortion, deception, Internet denial-of-service attacks, and exploitation of gay-tolerant heterosexual parents’ children, Exodus Youth and Exodus executive vice president Randy Thomas are playing the victim card.

Exodus Youth this week distributed an e-mail newsletter which promoted Thomas’ Nov. 3 blog entry. Ignoring Exodus’ role in coordinated unethical activities by supporters of antigay constitutional amendments, Thomas instead spotlights isolated incidents of anger by opponents of the religious-right campaign.

Thomas remains impenitent for his organization’s role in official, well-coordinated, and possibly illegal attacks against the rights of religious and sexual minorities.

Meanwhile, Exodus continues its cultural war against the parents and churches of gay and lesbian people this month with a conference speech by antigay mother Nancy Heche in Fair Oaks, Calif., today, followed by two events in mid-November promoting ex-gay ignorance among parents and pastors in Tennessee.