Box Turtle Bulletin observes Los Angeles-area proponents of Courage, the Catholic ex-gay network, encouraging gay Catholics to suppress their sexual attractions, mislabel their sexual orientation to the public, marry a member of the opposite sex in a sexually doomed marriage, and ultimately have children for the purpose of entrapping both spouses in a loveless marriage.

The Rev. Maurice Harrigan oversees the L.A. chapter of the network. Without providing any evidence of success, Harrigan told the L.A. Daily News that his ex-gay program is successful in changing Catholics’ sexual orientation.

“In some cases, members finish the program and go on and marry members of the opposite sex and have children,” Harrigan said. “As for the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign, I do hope members of the Catholic Church step up and vote.”

The L.A. Daily News made no apparent effort to verify Harrigan’s claim, but parroted the claim anyway.