(Mychal Massie, Left)

Earlier today, I wrote about Mychal Massie’s World Net Daily article where he erroneously claimed that I call blacks who oppose same sex marriage, “particularly appalling and ignorant.” Today, he offered a swift apology – which shows humility and class. I thank him for his effort to set the record straight.

Wayne, my most sincere apologies. I have your article “anything but straight: frank talk on race and prop 8” in front of me w/ your first and third ppg highlighted…it is the copy I used in preparation of my piece…I say to you that this misquote came about by accident as I pulled from memory…I will have piece corrected straight away…I assure you that there is a bounty of positions for us to disagree on w/out my having to invent false quotes…I have never in my career falsified quotes…I am deeply sorry and personally embarrassed by my unintentional error…I will copy you as I go about having same corrected…if you would like I am perfectly willing to write an apology for you to post on your blog…I have been intentionally misquoted by others…I know the sting of same…and while I vehemently and unapologetic ally disagree w/ you…I would never stoop so low as to falsely malign you…whether I agree or not w/ your positions…you are on the frontline and I know what that is like…I may be strongly opinionated and for that I do not apologize…but I am not one who makes things up to support my argument…once again…plz accept my deepest apologies…let me know if I can write an apology to you on your blog or wherever…I will keep you in the loop as I go about correcting things…thk you for bringing this to my attention…

Apology noted and accepted.