One day after State Senator John Campbell announced he is going to introduce a gay marriage bill this legislative session, Campbell received a threat.

The Windsor County Democrat says he got a call at the Statehouse from a woman who threatened to blow up his house.Police are investigating the threat.

Where are all the conservatives who complained about the “violence” in the largely peaceful gay rallies? Why aren’t they up in arms about this?

And what about the hinting-at-violent threats made today by Randy Thomasson, president of Campaign for Children and Families. He said that the California Supreme court is, “playing with fire by threatening to destroy the people’s vote on marriage.” And that “if the court disobeys the constitution by voiding Prop. 8, it will ignite a voter revolt.”

So, if the court does its duty and protects a minority from discrimination, what kind of “revolt” and “fire” does the fanatical fringe have planned?