I don’t want to overstate the importance of a one-line Facebook status entry — I’ve occasionally said things on Facebook that I regretted — but I found the following ex-gay Facebook entry deeply disturbing today.

Charlene E Hios is wondering if we realize that homosexuality is a judgment of God upon the human race because we have exchanged the Glory of God for images such as ourselves!

Hios is the operator of Bridging the Gaps Ministries in California. She claims to be a former lesbian, but she reports little if any attraction to men and she is not very forthcoming about her ongoing attraction to women.

Hios has in recent months used her “ministry” to promote Proposition 8 by wagging her finger against California gay couples who wish to marry — dictating, at various times, that she and other Christians know God’s will better than the couples do, and insinuating that conservative Christian voters are somehow more qualified than liberals or people of other faiths to decide who is entitled to marry under civil law.

Hios is sincere in her beliefs, but deeply deluded — not only about her artificial ex-lesbian “identity” and her ignorance of the Bible, but also about her moral fitness to judge others and to make laws that will make others as unhappy and alone as she — unfortunately — seems to be.

Is it possible that Hios is so consumed by her own sexual struggles that she has exchanged the glory of God for her own image? Is it possible that the ex-gay movement strangles human generosity and love toward other people by crippling its adherents with obsessive preoccupation over their own minor problems?