Queers United reported earlier this week that talk-show host Tyra Banks has invited ex-gays to appear on her show.


Are you a gay man or lesbian who wants to be straight? Do your friends or family disagree with your gay lifestyle and wish you were straight? If you ever wish you could erase your same-sex attractions and not be gay?”

The failure of the show to invite survivors of ex-gay programs is a bit disappointing: It’s a sign not only of sloppy talk-show producers, but also of the failure of ex-gay activists (thus far) to share the public spotlight with the individuals and families who have been harmed by their quack cures.

Former ex-gays need not settle for exclusion: They can use the Tyra Bank Show’s contact form to sign up to appear on-air with the ex-gays.

How about it, survivors? If you’re feeling grounded, self-confident, articulate, and willing to face some media, consider making a difference: Share your experiences, and help protect others from prejudice, family turmoil, and years of ineffective and expensive “therapy.”