The religious-right propaganda service OneNewsNow today parroted an apparently false claim by Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays that the organization filed a lawsuit against the District of Columbia Office of Human Rights.

Heck — in today’s “conservative” political climate, ONN’s recklessness is not only logical, but moral.

After all… why fact-check a publicity-hungry claim by one’s right-wing allies when falsehoods are more effective in impressing one’s base of support and scaring taxpayers?

Addendum: Eugene Volokh of the conservative Volokh Conspiracy agrees with PFOX’s critics: Ex-gays are already covered under D.C.’s expansive anti-discrimination and human-rights law — and the National Education Association has the free-speech right not to allow its events to be commandeered by PFOX pundits who oppose its public policy positions regarding education.