The blog of the Gay and Lesbian Activists against Defamation finds a mix of virtue and vice in a recent article about the “ex-gay” movement that was published by The Times of London.

Virtues: The article exposed many of the unfortunate and unhealthy truths about the ex-gay movement that TWO noted Oct. 13.

Vices: The report failed to fully fact-check certain ex-gay claims. A 2007 survey of ex-gay “success” stories was debunked by numerous observers, and that report was subsidized by the very group — Exodus International — that was being surveyed.

The GLAAD blog concludes:

Journalists and those who read stories about the so-called “ex-gay” industry must always view any statements from these activists with skepticism. Our website “Unmasking So-Called “Ex-Gay’ Activists” contains several pointers for journalists on how to avoid giving credibility to the many misleading statements propagated by so-called “ex-gay” activists.

It goes almost without saying that journalists may also explore the resources right here at and