Focus on the Family sent a “Special Alert” to supporters this afternoon:

Dr. Dobson to Appear on Glenn Beck Tonight

Dr. James Dobson is scheduled to discuss California’s marriage amendment tonight on the Glenn Beck Show at 7 ET (4 PT). It airs on CNN Headline News. Check your local listings to learn when the program will re-air.

Please be in prayer for Dr. Dobson, as he takes this responsibility very seriously. And please tune in tonight.

I suggest a different approach than simply watching (and obeying) Dobson:

Please write polite letters to Glenn Beck’s radio and TV shows.

Describe, from your own experiences and objective examples, how Dobson’s propaganda has promoted doomed ex-gay marriages, discouraged healthy and lifelong gay relationships, advocated the denial of equal access to public facilities and services, and prevented brave and well-qualified men and women from serving in the armed forces.

Perhaps most important: Politely tell Mr. Beck how Dobson’s ex-gay conferences and antigay lobbying have fueled misunderstanding and division among your own families and friends. Ask Mr. Beck to invite ex-gay survivors, medical professionals, and researchers onto Beck’s program to offer the audience a look at the consequences of James Dobson’s war against families and science.