Exodus executive vice president Randy Thomas comments today on the latest drug- and sex-related arrest of singer George Michael:

Also, in 2006, [George Michael] is quoted as saying (edit mine) …

“”Are you gay? No? Then (beep) off! This is my culture!” -George Michael, screaming at News Of The World photographers”

I thought that was interesting at the time and was glad he didn’t repeat it this go around. I do think there is a strong undercurrent of public anonymous sex among males who have same sex attractions but I don’t think a majority of George’ “culture” does that. Back in the day, I did a lot of drugs but thought this type of sex to be desperate and sad. I never participated in that type of behavior and a vast majority of my friends at the time didn’t either.

… but … we did know how to “party” and my substance abuse was probably just as bad. Thank God, literally, I am still alive.

I appreciate that Thomas not only refrains from sweeping statements based upon one man’s problems, but also compares Michael’s problems with his own past struggle with drugs.

But I think Thomas is being a bit too kind. Through repeated self-destructive incidents, George Michael has proven himself to be a bleeping irresponsible $*#?!@&%. What he needs now is tough action from those around him — if he isn’t already getting that. The time for good thoughts, in my opinion, ended some time ago.