Justice finally came to Diane Whipple yesterday.

Seven years ago, she was brutally and fatally attacked by two dogs in her San Francisco apartment hallway.

The dogs’ owners were originally convicted of murder, but a judge subsequently reduced the conviction to involuntary manslaughter. But on Sept. 22, Marjorie Knoller, dog owner and present at the attack, was sentenced to 15 years to life.

Superior Court Judge Charlotte Wollard reinstated the second-degree murder conviction. She noted that Knoller’s complete disregard for Whipple’ well-being, awareness of the dogs’ violent temperament, not calling 911, not coming to her aid, disregarding warnings to train them, and actually blaming Whipple for her own death, constituted the willing taking of a life.

Whipple’ life partner, Sharon Smith, addressed Knoller at the sentencing and characterized her relationship with the two dogs as “perverted.” Judge Wollard noted, “She has blamed the victim and held her dogs in higher regard than humans.”

Now that is perverted!