Once again, “ex-gay” propaganda has been used to keep gays from achieving equal rights. The New York Times reported on a gay activist in Nepal, Sunil Babu Pant, who is the only openly gay member of the newly elected Constituent Assembly. He is working to convince this conservative society that homosexuals are just like any other people.

According to the article, merely a decade ago gay life was difficult in Katmandu because the police were brutal. People were driven from their homes, and others endured torture in police custody, said Pant. “I thought nothing would improve unless we organized,” he said.

He tried to found an advocacy group to fight for the rights of gay men, lesbians, the transgendered and others. But government officials said they would register the group only if it devoted itself to converting homosexuals into heterosexuals.

To get around that, Mr. Pant said only that the group was dedicated to defending human rights in general and working on health issues and H.I.V./AIDS. Today, the group, the Blue Diamond Society, has offices in 20 districts and has 120,000 registered members.

Well, folks, there you go. The repressive ideas promoted by Exodus International and Exodus Global Alliance have spread around the world and they are being used to persecute people everywhere. Harmful notions are loudly broadcast by these sexual engineers (with no record of success) and they have a way of filtering down to bullies, whether on school yards, Congress or in foreign nations. The primary purpose of the “ex-gay” myth is to allow people to rationalize and justify despicable behavior and discriminatory actions that keep gays “in their place.”

Sexual engineering groups, such as Exodus, would argue that they don’t approve of some of the more extreme actions in foreign nations – and this is true, yet irrelevant. They simply cannot deny the deleterious effects of their message, that are heard throughout the world or easily accessed on the Internet.

In short, the “ex-gay” message causes much pain and suffering worldwide. What is tragic about this, is that for all of this drama and trauma, no one is going from gay to straight. It is a cruel hoax that is perpetuated for the sake of an extreme political agenda, where people are cast aside, as if their lives hardly matter.

It is time that Exodus stops burying its head in the sand and admit the misery it has brought to so many good people.