Randy Thomas poses with Karl RoveExodus International executive vice president Randy Thomas commented today on the revelation that Christian singer Ray Boltz has always been gay.

Let me explain, I feel awful for him that he felt so isolated and suffered from shame. It’ sorrowful that he didn’t feel like he could be honest and transparent with others unless it was to embrace a gay identity and worldview.

Nonsense. Boltz did not “embrace a gay identity and worldview,” he acknowledged the truth that he has always been same-sex-attracted. Thomas’ politically correct chatter about “identity” and a nonexistent “gay worldview” is a reminder that Exodus leaders too often behave like the heads of an elitist cult — or worse, like press-release writers for a slick politician. They certainly do not present themselves as trustworthy counselors in a safe, sincere, or truthful refuge for Christians such as Boltz who are same-sex attracted.

According to The Washington Blade, Boltz tried to be ex-gay for decades:

It got to the point by the early-to-mid ’00s that keeping his homosexuality hidden had become an increasingly wearying notion.

“You get to be 50-some years old and you go, “This isn’t changing.’ I still feel the same way. I am the same way. I just can’t do it anymore.'”

There was some exploration of “ex-gay” therapy though Boltz never attended an “ex-gay” camp or formal seminar.

“I basically lived an “ex-gay’ life ‚Äî I read every book, I read all the scriptures they use, I did everything to try and change.”

Indirectly, this spilled out into his songwriting. Boltz says even though he never told his fans the specifics of his struggle, it added a dimension to his lyrics that resonated.

Thomas’ current advice to same-sex-attracted Christians is the same advice that ex-gay books and therapists gave to Boltz: Hide your sexual orientation. Falsely claim to be heterosexually attracted. Only relate to people and only read books that are “Biblically appropriate” as redefined by James Dobson, Coral Ridge Ministries, or the American Family Association.

Such advice betrayed Boltz, and it continues to betray the spiritual and social well-being of people of faith. It sells out the truth for the sake of correctness, conformity, and authoritarian political interests.

Thomas presumes to pray down to Mr. Boltz and his family, but perhaps it is Thomas who needs prayers.