FRC\'s racist Obama WafflesThe Family Research Council — co-founder and longtime supporter of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays — allowed racist merchandise to be sold for two days last week at its Values Voter Summit.

Two vendors from Tennessee sold an “Obama Waffles” parody of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. The product affirmed dated Aunt Jemima stereotypes, and — by placing Obama in an Arab-style headdress — repeated the religious right’s lie that Obama is a Muslim. (Fact: Obama is a Christian in the United Church of Christ, and has been for decades.)

The vendors capped their racist comedy with a back-of-the-box caricature of Obama in a Mexican headdress serving food to presumably despicable illegal aliens.

The parody sold well among Values Voter Summit attendees on Friday and Saturday, according to the New York Times. Buyers of the box included Lou Dobbs.

FRC later claimed ignorance of the parody’s offense. Then again, how would “aspiring Klansmen” — as critic Pam Spaulding puts it — understand Racism 101?