On Tuesday, the U.S. federal budget deficit soared to $407 billion for this year alone.

Just a day earlier, mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were seized by the federal government, adding substantially to an astronomical $9 trillion national debt that threatens to bury the nation’s future families in debt and a devalued dollar.

Sadly, the culture warriors of Focus on the Family failed to warn its supporters that neither presidential candidate is addressing these brewing catastrophes for the family.

Instead, all five of Focus Action’s daily CitizenLink “news” items for Tuesday scapegoated gay Americans for the nation’s growing fiscal and foreign-policy crises.

Items included:

  • a smear against Democratic First Lady nominee Michelle Obama’s efforts to honor hard-working single parents and gay adoptive parents.
  • a retort against California’s support for sex and gender-role equality in marriage
  • endorsement of efforts to undermine state recognition of marriages that are deemed by Focus to be in conflict with its religious intolerance
  • support for GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s antigay church and its antifamily endorsement of an ex-gay roadshow, which happens to be operated by Focus as a means of laundering religious charitable activity into support for Republican Party initiatives in strategically selected states
  • condemnation of McDonald’s — not for its sinfully unhealthy food, but for its support of a gay pro-business group and of peaceful coexistence among employees regardless of sexual orientation.

Hat tip: Good As You