Exodus youth activist Mike Ensley says he frequently receives inquiries from antigay parents and youths about gay-straight clubs that unite students against violence and prejudice in schools.

“[W]hat are these clubs about?” Ensley asks. “What effects do they have on students and campuses?”

Ensley’s insinuation is clear: Despite their web sites with clearly written humanitarian objectives, gay-straight clubs must be secretive societies with sinister agendas.

Ensley’s response? Via Facebook, Ensley called today for private submissions of information, in which anonymous critics of GSAs would help Exodus spread gossip with impunity:

Hello, Members of Exodus Youth!

I’m putting out a request to those of you who have had any kind of involvement in or contact with a Gay-Straight Alliance club on your campus.

One of the biggest inquiries we get from youth workers and parents is, what are these clubs about? What effects do they have on students and campuses?

The only ones who really know are those of you who interact with the students and leaders of these clubs.

So please, if you have ever been involved in a GSA, or have witnessed its impact on your campus, message me and tell me your story. I might use what you have to say to educate parents and ministers (keeping you anonymous, of course).

It’d be best to email me here: mensley @ exodus.to

Thanks and God bless!

Why should Exodus be transparent, honest, and “Biblical,” after all, when anonymous gossip is so much more profitable?