Dear Friends:

This week, Truth Wins Out has been busy raising awareness about GOP Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s church, which supports so-called “ex-gay ministries.” Wasilla Bible Church believes that people can “pray away the gay” and is actively promoting Focus on the Family’s Love Won Out conference — which will be coming to Anchorage this Saturday.

This morning, I board a plane and travel to Anchorage to fight back against the ex-gay lies that have harmed so many gay and lesbian people. I will be joining the Metropolitan Community Church and other local organizations to help young GLBT people understand that they are not broken and in need of fixing. They are not sick and in need of healing.

These young people are fine just the way they are and we will make sure they know it.

Truth Wins Out likes to be on the ground where the action is. It is not enough for us to sit in the comfortable confines of New York City and send out press releases over a fax machine. We travel where vulnerable people in conservative areas need to hear our messages of love, hope and acceptance.

But, our work takes money and we need your help to continue our outreach. Help me fight back in Alaska by giving what you can today. If you can generously give $1,000, please consider doing so. If what you are able to offer right now is $10, we can use your help. Join the fight to educate America and help GLBT teenagers find the self-acceptance they deserve.

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