The group Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays is working overtime to get lies into public libraries. Our friends at Queerty said today that PFOX was embarking on a public library project to get titles like Arthur Goldberg’s, “Light in the Closet: Torah, Homosexuality,” and “A Parent’ Guide to Preventing Homosexuality,” by Joseph and Linda Nicolosi.

The only way such titles should be in libraries is in the fiction section. These are essentially fake medical books without scientific backing. Librarians literally have millions of books to choose from – so why take books that have theories rejected by all medical and mental health organizations?

From Edge Boston:

Peter LaBarbera’ posting (Americans For Truth) announced that his organization and P-FOX would work together with what LaBarbera termed “other pro-family groups and ministries” in order, LaBarbera wrote, “to attain–at the very minimum–balance in the selections that libraries carry on the homosexual issue.”Added LaBarbera, “There is no logical or common sense reason why taxpayer-funded public libraries should make available every latest ‘gay’-affirming book–including those designed to open up young minds to the false and dangerous notion that homosexuality is normal–while NOT carrying faith-based and ex-‘gay’ books that oppose a pro-homosexual ideology.”

It seems to me that barring political books posing as legitmate science-based material is quite logical. What next, a slew of books promoting that the earth is flat? When frauds like LaBarbera can show us real ex-gays who are not on the payroll of anti-gay organizations, then we might listen. Indeed, three of his poter boys (John Paulk, Wade Richards and Michael Johnston) have fallen off the hetero wagon. If there is one person in America who should know better than to promote ex-gay books, it is Mr. LaBarbera.