Accepting that one is same-sex-attracted is equivalent to being addicted to pornography, according to Exodus President Alan Chambers.

In his August 2008 “President’s Letter,” Chambers writes:

While my friend John hasn’t battled same-sex attractions, he personally understands sexual addiction as he was embroiled in a deep struggle with pornography for a few years. At one point his wife found out. Unfortunately, like many, they didn’t tell anyone because of fear and shame. That’ the same reason why I waited so long to share my struggles.

A couple of years ago that all changed for my friend John and his wife Joy when they began sharing their story of freedom.

Exodus cheapens true freedom and erodes serious discussion about sexual addiction when it conflates unrelated issues — and when it refuses to specify the kind of “freedom” that it offers to “ex-gays”:

“Freedom” to Exodus means freedom from sexuality, freedom from honesty, freedom from intimate relationship, and freedom from having openly gay neighbors or co-workers.