Some people decide, for a variety of reasons, that they are morally opposed to expressing their own personal same-sex orientation. However, they refrain from the lie that anyone can “change” their sexual orientation.

In fact, some of these people acknowledge that no significant change of sexual orientation occurs in most (if any) so-called ex-gays.

Depending upon the context, a lifetime of celibacy may be depressing, self-defeating, a bit selfish, or even unloving. Do we at Truth Wins Out strongly encourage it? Not especially. But what people choose to do (or not do) with themselves is their business.

However, when celibate gay people present the public with celibacy as an honest alternative to the fraudulent healings of the ex-gay movement, some politically correct ex-gays are bound to retaliate.

Lately, at least one politically correct ex-gay activist — we are told — has given the Canadian ex-gay group New Directions a piece of his mind. Ex-gay opposition to honest talk about celibacy goes something like this:

Everyone is on a journey towards heterosexuality, but some people only go a little way down that road.

What rubbish. This antithesis of sexual honesty, frequently peddled by the leadership of Exodus International, honors the sex-idol of “heterosexuality” — the heterosexual sex act and the heterosexual label — and not God.

“A journey toward heterosexuality” is the catch phrase of ex-gay activists who promote years of wandering on circular roads to nowhere. Despite the claim to be a former homosexual, no professional ex-gay has demonstrated significant attraction to the opposite gender. Their sexual orientation has not been changed — not by God, not by James Dobson, and not by magic-wand therapies that obsess over fictitious “possessive mothers,” “distant fathers,” non-existent abusive relatives, fake exorcisms, or ex-gay doctor-patient “cuddle” sessions.

So let’s scrap the “journey” hogwash. I think it would be more honest of these professional ex-gays if they simply told celibate gay men:

You are inferior to us, and exiled to the back of the church, unless you prove your sexual prowess through weekly public profession of orgasms with people of the opposite sex.

Celibate Christian College Jay is not impressed that an ex-gay activist would denigrate celibacy while idolizing “hope” in an end-goal of sex:

I got a little mad when I first read that, but then it saddened me. It saddened me to know that there are people who would sell out Christ for something as fleeting as human sexuality.

Jay may be saddened, but he cannot be very surprised.

Exodus International is led by a president who publicly belittles celibacy. Exodus does not promote ostensibly Christian values such as truth, fellowship, or love; Exodus demands something else: Sexual dishonesty, alienation from people who are sexually honest, and various stunts to blackmail God into effecting inspecific “change.”

Of the two ex-gay factions — the celibates, and those like Chambers who idolize the sexual expression of “masculinity” — which one is more likely to enjoy huge donations, public recognition, and applause from a right-wing church and right-wing culture that idolize expressions of male authority?

Is either faction capable of promoting individual freedom, charity, modesty, and respect for religious and sexual minorities — or do both factions’ obsessions with self-denial, sex, and political access pre-empt compassion, generosity, and affirmation toward others?