In Biblical times — and in some traditional cultures today — lipstick and knee-length skirts were unseemly indications that a woman was seeking to please men in certain ways at the expense of her own dignity and health.

Women have progressed somewhat since then: Modern women define femininity in ways that value strength of character, not superficiality, dependency, or subservience.

Christine BakkeUnfortunately, top ex-gay activists at Exodus and Focus on the Family seem to show little respect for strong and independent women. They either ignore the needs of women in their “ministry” scams, or they use pseudo-scientific quackery and harsh rules to make women conform to the sort of dignity-defying and unhealthful role-playing that was once condemned.

The ex-gay movement battles femininity — not only among same-sex-attracted women, but also among men (both straight and gay) who do not fit right-wing stereotypes of masculinity.

On Aug. 7, two female former ex-gays — Darlene Bogle and Christine Bakke (pictured) — will share their experiences as lesbians in the ex-gay movement:

Many people have either heard of ex-gay therapy in passing or on a brochure laying around their church. Many haven’t heard of it at all. Others have actually experienced it, some even leaving their school, family and workplace to become engrossed in its promises through residential programs spending thousands of dollars.

The cost is not only in money, but also in tears, intimacy challenges, loss of sense of self and even the relationship they once held dear with God. As we mention in our movie, “get to God” is a key factor for people to not only stay connected to the Divine, but also to themselves. Ex-gay therapy is one of the leading ways people get in the way of this connection, trying to fix something that isn’t broke, attempted healing of someone who isn’t sick.

You’re invited to hear the very personal testimonies of two remarkable ex-gay survivors, Darlene Bogle and Christine Bakke. You owe it to yourself to learn from people who have “been there, done that.” Join us on Thursday night.

Thursday, August 7, 2008, 5 p.m. Pacific/8 p.m. Eastern
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2. Access Code: 807282

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