Gay activists are pledging to protest the induction ceremony for the National Radio Hall of Fame this November in Chicago if it goes ahead with plans to put one of the country’ leading anti-gay fundamentalists in the hall.

“It is an affront for the Radio Hall of Fame to honor James Dobson, a right-wing demagogue who built his radio empire on the backs of gay and lesbian people,” said Wayne Besen, a longtime Human Rights Campaign official who left HRC in 2006 and launched Truth Wins Out to counter misinformation efforts by anti-gay groups.

Dobson is founder and head of Focus on the Family, a Colorado-based religious organization that’ grown into one of the country’ largest and most profitable broadcasting and publishing empires. Much of that growth has been fueled by Dobson’ strident anti-gay messages, delivered throughout the country on a daily radio broadcast and often accompanied by fundraising appeals.

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