Several months ago, I wrote a scathing article about The ManKind Project. I had researched the group and concluded that they were tied to the so-called “ex-gay” ministries.

I was wrong.

My friend, author Joe Kort, told me that the group was actually gay affirming. I looked into the topic more and this was true. However, what initially confused me was that several “ex-gay” ministries were praising the organization – because the group helped them get in touch with their masculinity. However, while the ex-gay ministries gave their stamp of approval to the ManKind Project, the organization never endorsed the ex-gay industry.

If this seems a bit confusing – it was. At the request of Kort, I spoke with the Executive Director of ManKind, Carl Griesser. I apologized to him for getting it wrong and wrote a follow-up article. However, I let it be known that The ManKind Project needed to clarify that it was gay-friendly, as it was not readily apparent to those researching. Griesser said he would look into the matter.

Well, today he made good on his promise and if you visit the site, there is a big rainbow flag that proclaims – “Gay Friendly.” If one clicks the flag, it leads to a clear statement on “Sexual Orientation and the ManKind Project.”

Congratulations to the group for its bold, affirmative step. Not only will gay men know that ManKind is a welcoming place, but the flag will make it more difficult for columnists like myself to screw up. Griesser deserves respect and praise for his excellent leadership.