Focus on the Family leader James Dobson released his attack dogs today, viciously smearing me because I have shown him to be dishonest and distort research. In a screed on the group’s website it referred to me as an, “infamous homosexual activist” and urged his listeners to vote for him, so he could be in the Radio Hall of Fame:

“This attack is yet more evidence of why Dr. Dobson deserves a spot in the Radio Hall of Fame,” said Gary Schneeberger, vice president of media and public relations at Focus on the Family.”For 32 years, he has been willing to take the unfriendly fire of the Wayne Besens of the world because that is the price to be paid for championing family values and defending biblical principles in the public square.”

What I found interesting is that Focus on the Family failed to mention the seven respected scientists who accused Dobson of distorting their work – which is the main reason Truth Wins Out launched its campaign in the first place. It seems that Dobson and his henchmen rather smear the messenger than legitimately answer why Dobson has distorted research and cherry picked the results to suit his political agenda.

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