David Benkof (formerly Bianco) – the gay writer turned anti-gay religious extremist – is getting published in mainstream newspapers. It is not because of his weak, sophistic, inarticulate arguments. The reason he gets press is because of his bizarre – man-bites dog biography that positions him as a gay journalist who is against same-sex marriage.

The only problem is, Bianco is not a gay columnist. He was dumped from the Dallas Voice and Q-Notes the moment they found out that he was a double-talking fraud. Despite the end of his GLBT journalism career, he still has his fake credentials listed on his website, a testament to his low character.

Mr. Bianco, take down your fake resume and get published based on the merit of your work, not your phony biography. I predict that his journalism career will be over in a relatively short amount if time. Mr. Benkof lacks the ethical standards and morals to succeed in this business. He has already been accused on at least two occasions of misquoting people and twisting their words to fit his political agenda. People of this ilk often get weeded out and I doubt Bianco will be an exception.