Focus on the Family has joined with TiVo to turn Father’s Day 2008 into a back-door political attack against gay fathers.

The TiVo “SuperDad” campaign invites people to nominate fathers as SuperDads; Focus’ involvement ensures that gay fathers and their families will be excluded. TiVo’s ties to Focus on the Family are no accident, according to a TiVo representative who spoke with Joe.My.God Average Gay Joe. The Family Equality Council is organizing a letter-writing campaign to TiVo in support of gay fathers.

In addition to discriminating against gay fathers and their offspring, Focus and its local branches and antifamily allies in California plan this year to divert $30 million dollars from more charitable endeavors into their petty war against marriage.

Joe Brummer points out that the $30 million spent by antifamily religious-right groups to institutionalize discrimination against monogamous gay couples should instead be spent to prevent malaria in Africa, buy cell phones for soldiers in Iraq to talk with their families, sponsor a million children in Africa for a month, or send 1,000 youths to college for a year.