We have commented many times on the atrocious human-rights record of the global ex-gay network Exodus Global Alliance: It supports imprisonment of homosexual persons in Barbados and refuses to condemn documented antigay violence from the Caribbean and Latin America to Saharan and sub-Saharan Africa. In Ecuador, as previously noted, the Exodus alliance co-exists with ex-gay torture and incarceration centers without voicing so much as a hint of opposition.

That trend of silent support for violence continued this week with the apparent murder on May 26 of Bahamian musician and AIDS activist Wellington Adderley. Exodus’ response was to show callous and immoral disregard for the latest murder of a gay humanitarian leader.

The Exodus alliance met earlier this month in Toronto. It said not one public word about global antigay violence; instead, Exodus implied that the solution to any gay problem is for gay people to stop being gay.

The Exodus Global Alliance views violence and imprisonment as useful methods of coercion to force gay people around the world to submit to its missions’ quackery, its false piety, and its brutal distortions of Christian faith.