The blog The Lesbian Said What? wrote a point-by-point commentary on May 21 about the strawman arguments and ludicrous stereotypes that are taught by Christine Sneeringer, director of the Exodus ministry “Worthy Creations.” Sneeringer authored the widely circulated antigay essay, “Did God Make Me Gay?”

The commentary on Sneeringer’s essay is direct but polite.

There are lesbians who have been sexually abused. There are straight women who have been sexually abused. Not all lesbians were sexually abused. And the majority of lesbians that were sexually abused would have been lesbians whether they had been abused or not, because that’ who they are: lesbians. [After being raped,] Christine found safety, comfort and warmth in the arms of women as a coping mechanism; some women turn to alcohol or drugs or food to cope with these feelings. Christine is not a lesbian, she is a heterosexual woman. What makes a more interesting Christian testimony, saying that you were a lesbian and “saved,” or saying that you were sexually abused and found healing through God?

Ultimately, Sneeringer comes across as someone who distorts and embellishes her journey away from abuse, while turning real gay and lesbian persons into cookie-cutter caricatures.