Jamaica prime minister Bruce Golding reiterated this week that he believes all Jamaicans should enjoy a right to privacy and equality — except same-sex-attracted Jamaicans.

Golding told reporters last month that he has no intention of moving to repeal laws that incarcerate same-sex-attracted persons for their private intimate activities.

Antigay Caribbean nations, some of which criminalize homosexuality and permit mobs to assault and kill gay people, enjoy the ongoing support of the ex-gay Exodus Global Alliance.

Around the world, as many as eighty-six countries criminalize same-gender sexuality; Exodus Global Alliance claims a presence in many of them, and explicitly opposes criminalization and discrimination in none.

From Ecuador and its ex-gay torture and incarceration centers to Gambia and its plan to behead all gays, Exodus Global Alliance says nothing about the human rights of those who “struggle” with same-sex attraction. Instead, the Exodus alliance legitimizes its host countries’ violent methods by promoting undefined ex-gay conversion while offering no public guidelines — no restraints — upon the barbarity of powerful antigay church and government agencies.